Method Natural Products Class Action Settlement

Good evening.

Back in September of 2016 a gentleman by the name of Wesley Vincent filed a class action lawsuit again Ecover/Method. He claimed E/M violated certain laws regarding the marketing, labeling and advertising of certain Method and Ecover branded products. "Method Products PBC have agreed to establish a $2.8 million settlement fund. They have denied any wrongdoing but agreed to the class action settlement to avoid the burden and expense of ongoing litigation." 

This is the greenwashing plain and simple. Wesley called them out. Great job! They are offering approximately $1 per unit purchased. 

The natural products class action lawsuit takes issue with the defendants use of the following terms in the labeling, marketing and advertising of certain Method and Ecover products: “Natural,” “Naturally Derived,” “hypo-allergenic,” “non-toxic,” “plant-derived,” “plant-based,” “mineral-based,” “bio-based,” and similar statements.

The products covered under the natural products class action settlement include Method and Ecover branded personal care products, dishwashing products, laundry products and other household products.

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