Exciting times!

Welcome to the PUREblog!  You'll find all of your toxic free lifestyle news and information here.

Let me formally introduce myself, I'm Benjamin Blondin. I'm a busy dad, husband, friend, cement mason, technology lover, amateur chef and business owner. I started this journey over eight years ago to live clean and healthy. My awakening, catalyst, Harajuku moment(call it what you like) was kidney stones. Let the research begin! I questioned everything from what I ate, to what was in my food. As you can imagine I arrived at some puzzling conclusions. What is really in our "food?" Who really cooks these days...and so on. This allowed me to develop what I like to call a healthy skepticism. Naturally, I applied this to all facets of my life(I'm trying to keep this short ;-0). Along the way I was introduced to a line of products through a thoughtful(and like minded) friend. This line PUREhaven ESSENTIALS gave me peace of mind to use everyday products without the need to worry about harmful ingredients. This site is dedicated to the advancement of spreading knowledge about toxic chemicals in everyday home products. Everyone needs to hear this message. Knowledge is power.



Benjamin Blondin